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内容提要: 语法填空是通过语篇在语境中考察语法知识的运用能力,我们在解题前应快速浏览短文掌握大意,有把握的空格可以先进行填写.





  例1.I can't send a message to Kenya whenever I want to, and _it gets there almost in a second.


  例2. It is said that a short-tempered man in the Song Dynasty was very anxious to help _his_rice crop grow up quickly.

  例3.…the head of the village was tying up his horse to my car to pull it to__a__small town some 20 kilometers away where there was a garage.


  例4.…who should have the honour of receiving me _as_a guest in their house.

  技巧4: 若两个或几个单词或短语之间没有连词,可能是填连词.

  例5.…two world-famous artists, Pablo Picasso__and__Cabdido Poitinari, which are worth millions of dollars.

  例6…all I saw was this beautiful girls, whose smile just melted me __and_ almost instantly gave me a completely new sense of what life is all about.

  技巧5: 若两个句子(即两个主谓结构)之间没有连词,也没有分号或句号,一定是填并列连词(连接并列的句子)或从属连词(连接定语从句,名词性从句和状语从句).

  例7:The greatest magician of all time was Harry Houdini ___who_died in 1926.

  例8:In Japan,for example,it is normal for the woman tosend chocolates to the man while/but in Korea April 14th is known as "Black Day".

  例9:He was very tired after doing thus foe a whole day, _but___ he felt very happy.

  技巧6: 由特殊句式结构来判断空格应填的词.

  (1) 由it is … that… 强调结构的形式,判断it 还是that.判断方法:去掉it is … that…结构,句子还是一个完整的句子就是强调句型.

  (2) 由it 作形式主语或形式宾语的句式判断,空格是否填it.

  例10:…and ___it__ was only after I heard she become sick that I learned she couldn't eat MSG (味精).

  例11:… as ___it__ took them just three minuts to steal paintings by two worls-famous artists..

  例12:Dating sites also makes___it__ easy to avoid someone whom you are not interested in.

  (3) 在倒装句式中通常填only, so, neither, nor, never, hardly, seldom, not…until等词.

  例13:__Only___ with hard work can you expect to get pay rise.

  (4) so / such …that…句型

  例14:This made the goat so jealous ___that___ it began plotting against the donkey.

  (5) more …than…(与其说……不如说……,比……更……)句型.

  例15:Cynthia's story shows vividly that people rememberr more how much a manager cares ___than____ how much he pays.

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