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内容提要: 阳东一中2013-2014年第二学期高二英语试题参考答案  2014.5.13
阳东一中2013-2014年第二学期高二英语试题参考答案  2014.5.13



16.in               17. losing       18.their          19.more dangerous       20.gives

21. the            22.of              23.who           24.how           25. reasonably
26-30  BDBCA  31-35 ABCCD  36-40 ACDCB  41-45.AACDB   46-50 EACBF



Last week I attended a lecture delivered by Professor Zhang, a health expert, with the theme of “sitting for too long is bad for people's health”. With the development of society, people today sit down more than ever before in history. Not only can it make your neck or back ache, but it may also make your fat. Professor Zhang pointed out that those who sit too much should form some good habits in life, such as going to school on foot or by bike. Besides, he particularly reminded us that we students should stand up to do some activities during break time at school.



Tom was an only-child in his family and his parents made all the decisions for him. As a result, Tom didn’t know how to face the difficulties in life. He always complained and had disagreements with his parents.

As for me, I always complain about my parents’ high expectation on me and their ignoring my real feelings. What’s more, I take it for granted that my parents should do everything for me. I remember that my mother always prepared breakfast for me every morning when I was in high school. One morning, my mother got up a little late but she still cooked some noodles for me. Thinking that I was going to be late for school, I shouted at my mother. On the way to school, I realized that I shouldn’t complain and shout at my mother.

As a matter of fact, we shouldn’t complain when something goes wrong. We should learn to handle the issue however difficult it is.

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