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151.In the professor’s view, it is totally nonsense that a man having a clear conscience dares to walk across the cemetery in view of a simple reason: having a clear conscience is irrelevant to having the courage to cross the cemetery.在这位教授看来,一个问心无愧的人敢于走过坟地的说法完全是乱说一通;因为一个很简单的理由:问心无愧与有胆量走过坟地是毫无关系的。
152.All the paper that you write with is made from trees which are cut down after spending years growing, so if the value of your writing doesn’t overtake that of the trees, then you’d better stop writing.所有供你写作的纸张都是由那些生长了好几年然后被砍倒的树木制成的,所以如果你的写作价值还不如这些树木的价值,那你最好还是放弃写作吧。
153.The careless dumb patient just glanced at the bottle, mistook the button in it for the pill and swallowed it with the boiled water, which is fortunately not fatal.这名粗心的愚钝病人仅仅瞄了下瓶子,错把里面的纽扣当成了药片,用开水服了下去,幸好不致命。
154.The pregnant cashier’s absence from the checkout in the chain store aroused the manager’s concern, and he substituted one for her in case the messy situation became worse.这位怀孕的收银员不在连锁店收银处的情况引起了经理的注意,他用另一名员工来代替她以防混乱的情况变得更糟。
155.In despair, the violent robbers dressed in prison uniforms with powerful weapons steered a jeep along the rough valley road when the police were tracing them, wanting to oblige them to give in before they fled to urban district in panic.当警方追踪这些穿着囚服携带强力武器的劫匪,想迫使他们在慌张地逃入市区前放弃抵抗之时,这些陷入绝望的粗暴的劫匪正沿着崎岖不平的山路驾驶着吉普车。
156.The outstanding athlete stated with an accent that he had to receive several mental therapies to ensure that he didn’t feel nervous or depressed in the shadow of losing the championship and could refresh himself.这位杰出的运动员带着口音说道,他不得不接受一些精神理疗来确保自己在失去冠军的阴影下不会感到焦虑或抑郁,并能重新振作。
157.Without any alarm, the airbus suddenly crashed into the lake when it flew over a forest, some of whose passengers’ bodies still hung on the trees around the bank, for which their relatives burst into tears and couldn’t undergo such a blow.没有任何警报,这架空中客机在飞越森林的时候,突然坠入湖中。一些乘客的尸体仍挂在岸边的树上,他们的亲戚嚎啕大哭,无法接受这样的打击。
158.After captured in the airport, the silly official was still reluctant to confess that he deceived the leader, took the bribe and transferred the tax to his own account, but he was vague about who tempted him to do so.在机场被捕之后,这名愚蠢的 官员仍不情愿承认他欺骗了领导,接受了 贿赂并把税收转移至自己的银行账号,但是对于谁唆使他,他含糊其辞。
159.Before the traveller ended his memorable journey, he wandered the paths of the capital mixed with classical elements at ease, appreciating the landscape and talking with the polite and friendly inhabitants.在这名旅行者结束他 值得纪念的旅行之前,他在这座融合着古典元素的 首都城市的小道上惬意地闲逛,欣赏着风景和礼貌友好的居民聊天。
160.What amazed the generous gentleman was that on such a chilly evening, the trembling teenager with just a loose sweater shook his head, whispering that he was very hungry but he didn’t want to kneel and beg for the bread without dignity.令这位慷慨的绅士吃惊的是,在这样一个寒风刺骨的夜晚,这个只穿着松松垮垮毛衣、浑身颤抖的年轻人摇着头,低声说虽然很饿但他也不会没有尊严地下跪去乞讨面包。 
161.During the visit, the magnificence of the polished mansions inspired each volunteer to be ready for the EXPO, which will reveal the comprehensive national strength of contemporary China, and some of them even recalled the glorious moment when the Beijng Olympics began.在参观期间,这些被擦得光亮的大楼鼓励着每一名志愿者为展现当代中国综合国力的世博会做好准备,他们中的一些人甚至回忆起了北京奥运会开幕的光辉时刻。
162.The fierce flood by which nature take revenge on mankind caused so great distress to those civilians settling in the basin that people began seeking a harmonious way of getting along with nature to avoid the disaster like this.这场汹涌的 洪水是大自然对人类的报复。它对那些定居在盆地的平民造成了巨大的痛苦,于是人们开始寻求一种与大自然和睦相处的方式来避免类似灾难再次发生。
163.Although the owner swore that his tame dog locked tightly around the tree would not scratch or even bite anyone, I was still alert and a little scared every time I cycled past it, especially when it was barking.虽然这只狗的主人发誓他那温顺的被牢牢拴在树旁的狗不会抓甚至咬人,但每次我骑车经过都会很警惕甚至有一点害怕,尤其是它在叫的时候。
164.Every time the film star surfed the Internet, he would omit the articles full of praises for him and the ones filled with insult to him and just browse the content which judged him impersonally.每次这位电影明星上网浏览,他都会忽略那些对他充满赞美或侮辱的文章,而仅看那些客观评价他的内容。
165.As soon as the clock struck twelve, the cruel intruders invaded the border of the country, and conquered the city, killing thousands of innocent civilians and the whole war zone was in flame.时钟刚敲响12点,这些残忍的侵略者就对该国的边境发动了进攻,占领了城市,杀死了成千上万的无辜平民,这个战区陷入一片火海中。
166.Although it braked, the reversing truck still bumped a woman nearby who was bending and sweeping the street, and crushed the woman’s arm, which was impossible to preserve.虽然采取了刹车措施,这辆倒退的卡车仍然撞到了旁边正在弯腰扫地的妇女,压碎了她的手臂。这只手臂不可能保住了。
167.A gifted debater should always be full of passion and vigour and never interrupts or even quarrels with his opponent, but responds rapidly with remarkable logical argument.有天分的辩论者总是充满激情和精力,从不打断甚至与他的对手争吵,但是能以出色的逻辑论证快速作出回应。
168.Because the ice continues to dissolve, the delicate layer of ice covering the shallow lake implies that it is impossible to hold an amusing skating race.由于冰在不断融化,覆盖在这片浅湖上的这层薄冰说明不可能在这举行一场充满乐趣的滑冰比赛。
169.A clever reader treats reading as making a dialogue with writers, inquires about their writing intention and cultivates a habit of drawing the lines under the key points and taking some notes in the margin.一名聪明的阅读者把阅读看作是和作者的交流,询问他们写作目的,而且会养成在关键处划线,在空白处做笔记的习惯。
170.After a lunch interval, the slim secretary leant against the wall screaming for she was shocked to find someone had deleted her significant data regarding the sample of the insecticide, which meant she could hardly meet the deadline of handing in the report unless miracles happened.午饭休息过后,这名苗条的秘书靠在墙上发出了一声尖叫,因为她吃惊地发现有人将有关杀虫剂样本的重要数据删除了。这意味着除非奇迹发生,她很难在最后期限前上交报告。
171.As the fire pump at the corner of the narrow corridor cracked, some staff mopped the floor, and others removed the vital property such as the elegant art treasures that were not proof against water and the director of the art museum dialled 911 for help and postponed the opening time.由于狭长走廊角落里的消防泵破裂,一些员工拖地,一些将重要的财产,比如不防水的精美艺术珍宝移走;艺术博物馆的馆长拨打911求助并推迟了开馆时间。
172.It disconcerted these adventurists who felt faint that they had been lost in the desert, so they had to hide in the shade of hill, connecting to the outside world with the satellite phone before they were drained of their energy.令这些感觉晕厥的冒险者感到挫败的是他们已经迷失在沙漠里了,所以他们不得不躲在沙丘的阴凉处,在他们耗尽能量之前,用卫星电话与外界取得联系。
173.After hearing about the miserable fact that the respectable professor slipped on a slope of the bank, dropped into the lake and drowned when he jogged around the bank, his loyal supporters wept full of grief at his funeral.在得知这位人尊敬的教授在岸边慢跑时,在斜坡处打滑,掉进湖里淹死的悲惨消息后,他的忠实支持者们在他的葬礼上悲痛地哭泣。
174.The homesick poet at a remote village needed several injections for he was defeated by the cold, continued coughing and sneezing and eventually had a high fever.由于感冒、持续咳嗽、打喷嚏并最终引发了高烧,这位身在遥远村庄的思念家乡的诗人需要接受药物注射。
175.As far as the scholar is concerned, a far-sighted government should erect a democratic system where citizens’ religion can be respected; everyone should possess the human right to vote and enjoy the social welfare; no body or organization is superior to law and hollow reform policies are on the decrease.根据这位学者的说法,一个有远见的政府应该建立这样一套民主体制:公民的宗教信仰应受到尊重,每个人应该拥有选举和享受社会福利的权利,没有人或者组织可以超越法律,而且减少空洞的改革政策。
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