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例句1What he says is reasonable.

解析:What he says主语从句,what 在主语从句中作宾语

例句2It is none of your business what other people think about you. Believe yourself.

解析:本句意为别人怎么看你,与你无关,相信你自己。其中It是形式主语,真正的主语是what other people think about you.

2. what +主语+不及物动词/系动词+介词

例句:The judge does not consider what each eyewitness looks like.

解析:what each eyewitness looks like宾语从句what在从句中作介词like宾语。

3. What + 主语+系动词

例句1He is not what he was ten years ago.

解析:句意为他不再是十年前的他了。其中what he was表语从句what 在从句中作表语

例句2I’m not to blame, Mum. I am what you have made me.

解析:what you have made me.表语从句what 在从句中作补语。

例句3 The seaside here draws a lot of tourists every summer. Warm sunshine and soft sands makewhat it is.

解析:what it is宾语从句what 在从句中作表语

4. What后接名词,作定语

例句1I gave him what books I had .

解析:what books I had宾语从句what 在从句中作books定语

例句2It is uncertain what side effect the medicine will bring about, although about two thousand patients have taken it.

解析:what side effect the medicine will bring about宾语从句what 在从句中作side effect定语

例句3 The shocking news made me realize what terrible problems we would face.

解析:what terrible problems we would face.宾语从句what 在从句中作problems定语,且terrible也是定语修饰problems

5.What +及物动词+宾语 What +be done

例句1 What makes the matter worse has been puzzling me.

解析:其中What makes the matter worse主语从句, what 在从句中作主语。

例句2 The farmer’s wife rushed to see what was caught.

解析:what was caught.是宾语从句,what在从句中作主语。

6. what 用于固定搭配what……do with 处理

例句: What do you do with this problem? 这个问题你怎样处理?

7. 感叹句中:

1 What a/an+(形容词)+单数名词+谓语!

例句:What a clever boy he is! (他是个)多么聪明的男孩啊!

2 What+(形容词)+复数名词+谓语!

例句:What beautiful flowers they are! (它们是)多么漂亮的花啊!

3 What+(形容词)+不可数名词+谓语!

例句:What fine weather it is! 多好的天气啊!




1.动词1/介词+what ++动词2

2. what +名词+动词1+动词2

小试牛刀 (前面8道题目是语法填空,9题之后的是改错题。)

1. 2012年广东高考语法填空) The new boy looked at the teacher for a few seconds and all the other students wondered           the boy would do.

2. After that,          happened to the AmberRoom remains a mystery.

3. 2016深圳二模语法填空) Now you never know           happy days we had in the camp.

4. It was a video explaining          her anxiety was like and how it affected her.

5. More than half of Britain’s gardeners did not spot a hedgehog (刺猬), frog, fox, mouse or bat, in their gardens in 2016, as wildlife experts warn that          were  considered to be common animals once are continuing to decline.

6.Even though we may feel in our business dealings or social relationships that we are listening well,           we are usually doing is listening selectively.

7. It is not how much we do but how much love we put into          we do that benefits our work most.

8. We dreamed about         we would do with the money, but we rarely stop to think about how the money would change us.

9. 2012新课标卷) But before long, they began to see which was happening.

10. 2016年全国IIMy classmates and I are talking about how to do during the holiday.

11. 2010年全国乙卷) So if they had said was true, I would have a chance of winning the prize.

12. That she wanted was for the people to be able to move it themselves and organized their own transport.



9. which 改为what

10. how 改为what

11. if后加what

12. That 改为 What

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